The Vatic Confluence

The Ardent Halo – Book 2

2019 Readers’ Favorite – Award Finalist

The world is in change. The mountains have shifted, compromising the skyfire’s shield to the Old World.

As a white storm marches for Cambria, Kennason prepares the king for the ensuing war but finds herself held captive by the queen’s spite. Only when Dreyah arrives at the City of Thrones claiming blood ties between them, does Kennason understand the importance of her own battle; she must protect her family by joining Norem’s cause. But the Brotherhood of the Black Flame strikes first.

In a desperate quest, Dreyah seeks both her child and the blonde-haired wizard. In meeting with Kennason, Dreyah obtains only a third of what she came for and begins a serpent’s sprint across the realm for the remainder. But in racing to save the future, Kennason and Dreyah glimpse the Old World’s past and ultimately meet the man who has bound their fate.

And Norem questions Kennason and Dreyah’s resolve; how far will they go to save their peoples? As the revenant army swarms the Gate, loved ones are lost, leaving each heroine to give a different, vatic answer.

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