Bring in the Year of the Ox

The bells have tolled around the world. The new year arrived. Away with 2020, the cycle of a bursting pandemic, social unrest, and an unruly presidential election. We may curse that year in tongue, and the memes will follow for cycles. Those 366 days are behind us though not gone, but their passage exposed the landscape of society and government and painted the future. The colors are subdued – the banal gray of raw fleece. The shepherd dogs surround us, nipping at our heels so we not stray from the flock, barking at us that we are not smart enough to evade the wolves alone. And we believe them, huddled in the corral. We are rewarded with a handful of grain on occasion, which we take eagerly as we starve, hoof deep in the muck. But those dogs – our leaders and the mainstream media – herded us into the paddocks for branding. We are no more than sheep in this new year.

In the archival of the Chinese year, 2020 was a Rat – a cunning creature, adaptable, prolific, and innately tough. But rats are also brutal. They kill and eat their own when the population cannot be supported. If you have read some of my previous posts or even my fantasy series, you know I often address overpopulation and the trajectory it is taking us. From a statistical aspect, it is easy to criticize our numbers. They are just numbers; most people do not give a care about the count beyond their day. But those numbers are invading, surrounding us, choking us, thinning the fabric of society. From a human vantage, it is more challenging to say some of us need to go and less need to reproduce. But we do keep reproducing, just like the rat but without any means of population control. The vast majority of our population is not cunning or innately tough. We are soft, long gone from manual labor and survival skills. Many are mouth breathers, who blindly follow directions without a critical mind. Most couldn’t survive without society. We are weak, nothing like the rat.

We have become sheep to our governments, to the technocracies. They manipulate us with fearmongering, govern with executive orders, play games with politics, control economies, craft narratives, ignore our questions and stimulate us with grain that will ultimately starve the herd. Economists and critical minds know the inflation that will follow these stimulus checks, bonus unemployment, free PPP money. Nothing is free. We and our offspring will be paying your neighbor’s new, massive Sony flat screen for years through increased taxes. I repeat…WE will pay for his television. And our economy will collapse soon as it has been shored up with cheap money.

But the mouth breathers clamor for more. And there are so many of them that the politicians use their numbers to stay in office and encourage more by allowing immigration to go unchecked and ignoring the swelling population count. And they feed the mouth breathers, weakening mankind and this country.

Put on your facemask, mouth breather!

Baaaaa…more grain if your please, good master.

Only if you vote for me.

The year of the Metal Ox begins February 12, 2021. According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in this year are patient, diligent, strong, determined, and not influenced by others or the environment. They are incredibly patriotic and have ideals and ambitions for life.

Those qualities need to surge across this nation, that we team together to break down the corral. Fear the loss of our freedoms in the United States, especially after the very recent actions of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon. The great narrative painted by the MSM on January 6th has been used to silence citizens of this country. Books were the great liberators of minds. Guns were the great liberators of men. They are trying to take away both. Our freedoms are in jeopardy.

Let us not be sheep. Let the strong and cunning band together. We must replace our government with each opportunity, vote in new officials and cast out the manipulators. If there is an elected official in office for more than ten years, they serve not our country but another power; the weight of a pocketbook can be demanding. We must demand transparency, freedom of choice. Do not force a rushed vaccine upon me and say it is safe. Do not require me to wear a mask to protect others; they should protect themselves. The chaff must fall away. Critical-thinking minds must germinate and aspire. Hard work should be rewarded. Lethargy should suffer natural repercussions. Businesses must reopen to rehire so our citizens can feed themselves. Only then can we stand again in green pastures.

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