The Enemy Within

We are being manipulated. You. Me. Our emotions. Our nation. Regardless of whether you rally behind the Black Lives Matter movement or Back the Blue Line. We are soldiers in a civil war between the right and left, components of the political machine. One side is drawing upon your disgust for recent events, fanning the flames, so it may recover the control it lost in the last election. The other is trying to maintain control in unprecedented times. But both are firing bullets with their snarky comments and partisan media outlets. And you are a soldier in their war efforts.

The world is in change, flexing under a pandemic, seizing under our girth. We battle riots, face masks, exponentially rising infection rates, and endure shit for selection presidential candidates. While I am not a believer that this pandemic was engineered and released, I believe our politicians are taking every measure to see it benefits their agenda for November’s outcome. Same goes with the protests. But covert forces manipulate the riots into more.

We are in a civil war.

As of this post, Portland, Oregon has endured over 60 days of protests with most turning vehement by night. Two months of destruction, looting, graffiti, violence, public beatings. And the leadership’s apathy propels the moment. Why? Because the city’s leadership is left-sided, a lieutenant in that army, listening to commands. And Portland’s mayor and Oregon’s governor abides, allowing the city to morph into a war zone with skirmishes fanning out across the state. Who will vote for an incumbent president with rioting in their neighborhood streets?

Although Portland’s leadership appears apathetic or even supportive of the protests, what if the riots are not organic? What if covert forces were spritzing the flame with gasoline? Agent provocateurs sent into the peaceful movements to spark unrest, to induce others to turn their movement unlawful, violent. It wouldn’t be hard. Portland is a liberal city already steeped with angry millennials and seeded with Antifa – the perfect breeding ground for peaceful protests to turn into riots and then spread across the nation.

We are being manipulated at every level.

The rest of the US watches the destruction and violence from skewed perspectives. CNN vs. Fox News. BLM vs. the Blue Line. Blue vs. Red. The right vs. the left. We are a polarized nation. Some of us wanting the same freedoms that founded our great nation. Others believing the political machine’s every word. The Machine owns the media, influences social media, and commands the financial support of individuals and businesses who receive rewards for their contributions. Its power comes from maintaining control by drawing in votes for its candidates on election day.

And you are a soldier in the Machine’s army, whether the right or left, firing bullets on their behalf in this civil war as the Machine tries to sway sentiments and regain control. Your weapon? It’s the device in your hand. It’s the shares and likes. The machine wants you up in arms, in the fight.

The Machine lost control when Donald Trump was elected president. He was the outlier, not formed and fed by the political lobbyist. He’s not a career politician trying to win your vote with cheap money. Amongst his many imperfections, he is a breath of fresh air for Americans. But from day one, the Machine claimed collusion, scandal, and abuse of power, trying to revoke the choice this nation made for president. The left-sided politicians pitch tantrums like toddlers, grossly rude and irrelevant. The right wing is still dumbfounded about what happened in 2016.

It’s a constant – the Machine spitting venom, trying to sway America into doubting its choice – that with riots and plagues, the country will fare better back under its rule.

We are battling the wrong enemy.

Instead of fighting with the other side, we should continue to defy the Machine. We should rebel against the puppets or mouthpieces they gift as presidential candidates. When the two sides only offer us spawns from their loins, then the Machine controls us.

Don’t join the riots. Take a step back from the media and all it’s bullshit. Know that you are being manipulated, that we are being coaxed to be up in arms over current events, that those events are being manipulated to sway November’s outcome. Then vote for our nation’s freedom, for the battle raging around us only hides the enemy within – the political machine.

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