The Ardent Halo Saga

  • What is Love?
    It’s a 1993 song by Haddaway, and love is nothing if it does not hurt. But it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Love must never be forgotten. This is Love is a podcast series hosted by Phoebe Judge. It’s a touching series striking at various kinds of love, relationships between people, love of art, the bond between an animal and person, finding love, losing love, and ultimately remembering love. But my favorite episode to date is about forgetting love. The episode is number 35, the title My Penny. The story behind MyContinue reading “What is Love?”
  • Disarming Contempt
    My husband asked me the other day why I had not been adding to my blog. No new content since last February. I told him I felt like everything I was seeing and feeling was negative and I was waiting for some positivity to arise. But I don’t know if one can just wait. Sure, delightful surprises happen, but mostly, we are fed and extract negativity. It’s part of our evolutionary makeup. Those who pay attention to danger are more likely to have survived to propagate. But the current climate of negativity is mostly artificial. The media hypes negativity toContinue reading “Disarming Contempt”
  • The Bridge You Unfriended
    *Though its original version remains, this post was edited on October 31st, 2021 to begin disarming and abolishing contempt. Dear Old Friend, I call you old friend not because of the decades between us, but the decades our friendship has endured. I was but five years when my dog died under your care. I still remember that night, Bubba quivering in his dog house; the heartworm treatment turning fatal. Bubba, the large, loving Saint Bernard–German Shepherd cross left my life too soon, but you stepped in. My parents befriended you and you them, either by remorse or mutual respect, andContinue reading “The Bridge You Unfriended”
  • Bring in the Year of the Ox
    The bells have tolled around the world. The new year arrived. Away with 2020, the cycle of a bursting pandemic, social unrest, and an unruly presidential election. We may curse that year in tongue, and the memes will follow for cycles. Those 366 days are behind us though not gone, but their passage exposed the landscape of society and government and painted the future. The colors are subdued – the banal gray of raw fleece. The shepherd dogs surround us, nipping at our heels so we not stray from the flock, barking at us that we are not smart enoughContinue reading “Bring in the Year of the Ox”
  • Waging a War against Crickets
    Writing connects my thoughts to our world, a process to consider the subtle grains of society, to weigh the truths and sum the implications. But the process isn’t compulsory; I finished my first book before I realized its theme, realized how I viewed the surrounding landscape. And that moment came in 2012, capturing me, controlling me as arduous traffic on I-5 in the state of Washington, driving me in one direction. And in that linear train of thought, I realized, “there are a lot of us! How many more can this road carry?” Our population increase is a basic fact,Continue reading “Waging a War against Crickets”

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